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Oct 7, 2012 9:00am PDT
. terry. >> all right, lisa. thanks very much. topping our news, san francisco's annual fleet week celebration will wrap-up today with huge crowds expected to enjoy another airshow by the blue angels. the city's annual christmas day parade. you have the blue grass, the orange and black, the red and gold. cornell joins us live from the embarcadero with more on that. hello. >> good morning, terry. this is one of those weekends no matter where you look in san francisco, something is going on. check it out. at&t park, giants versus cincinnati. playoff action tonight. a lot, a lot going on on the embarcadero. and check it out, this is the uss makin island. this is an amphibious assault vessel. nor on that in a moment. but first check out the fireworks display over san francisco last night. just beautiful. celebrating fleet week and those amazing blue angels who put on quite a show yesterday on the waterfront. don't forget about giants playoff action tonight at&t park. 49ers at the stick as well. folks coming in yesterday heeded warnings. they took public transportation. even though it w
Oct 14, 2012 9:00am PDT
two games at home, then head to st. louis. game six and seven will be played in san francisco, if necessary. >> developing news, the space shuttle endeavour is still inching his way to its new home in los angeles at the california science center. this is a live look. you know the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by 9:00, but it had to take a break. it started rolling again around 1:30 this morning and has since traveled another 8 blocks with roughly a mile and a half to go. now there's no single reason for this delay. it's the accumulation of a lot of small problems along the way. in one case a tree that planners thought would not be in the way had to be cut down. it has to be very carefully maneuvering around light poles as well. what you are looking at now is how endeavor made a much quicker pass through the bay area on september 21st when it flew over on the back of a specially-equipped boeing 747 on its way to l.a. >>> we have more developing news for you now. extreme athlete feel felix bumgarner is on his way to mike a skydive from 23 miles above the earth. and t
Oct 28, 2012 9:00am PDT
drama of this potentially being the final game of the world series, and it has san francisco police preparing. >> if it does go originals we've taken steps to work with all the merchants around the ballpark and we've been fantastic. we want people to know, hey, don't drink and drive k that's on any weekend but be respect full of people, be respectful of other fans, be respectful of the police. we really want this to be a fun celebration when the giants bring this home. >> well, the celebration here in civic center plaidsa is an alcohol-free event. the mayor is encouraging giants fans to wear orange and black, display signs, flags, support their hometown team and the san francisco mayor ed lee and detroit's mayor, dave bing is encouraging people to leave their rivalries on the field. you can see they are still trying to get it up to the height where it will be for the viewing this afternoon. and still the first two fans, they are still the only two people here but i think it's safe to say it will fill up quickly. get down here early. live at civic center plaza, abc7 news. >>> thanks,
Oct 21, 2012 9:00am PDT
so as he visits churches on both sides of the bay. around 10:30 he'll be in san francisco for the 160th anniversary service on baptist church on mccallister street. then he is going to visit another church on 66th avenue. yesterday they joined the governor in san francisco showing support for his proposition 30. it would raise taxes on high income households to support schools and education programs. >> i say proposition 30 is about jobs, it's about kid and teachers and they produced the brains and skills that make the jobs of the future possible. >> terry: competing schools spending measure is prop 38. the governor and teachers union are campaigning against another measure, prop 32 which they say will limit teachers participation in the political process. if you work for the state of california, recession may not have hurt you too badly, not in terms of your salary. a new study reveals state employees have fared much better in the paycheck department than workers in the private sector. nannette miranda reports from sack to. >> a new center for government analysis shows a big discrepa
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4